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Who are we?

HappyMums is a research project funded by the European Union aimed to promote women's mental health during the perinatal period.

An international team of experts in mother-child health are looking at multiple factors and biological and environmental mechanisms which are potentially involved in the onset of perinatal depression.

We are also studying possible protective factors and strategies and tools to best support the maternal and child health.

Among these tools, an App has been created to monitor women's health during pregnancy, in order to early identify and support the women at risk of developing perinatal depression ore those currently experiencing depressive symptoms.

Who are we looking for?

You are eligible if you are 18 years and over, are currently between 13 and 28 weeks pregnant and experienced something that might increase the  risk of developing mental health problems during pregnancy.

You maybe unable to take part if you do not currently own a smartphone capable of downloading and running the HappyMums App.

Online consent Form

Please complete the after you have read  the Information Sheet. 

In order for us to contact you about your eligibility for the study, we would like to ask you to read and complete this  consent form.

Your  information may be subject to review by responsible individuals from the research team for screening, monitoring and analysis and audit  purposes.

Confidentiality will be mantained and you will  not be identified in any research outputs

Please read the statement . Click "yes" if you want to proceed

I consent the proceeding of my personal information, and my answers e to the screening questionnaire, for the purposes of being contacted for the study  and determining my eligibily to take part. I understand that such information will be handled in accordance with the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation. 


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