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Alessandra Biaggi is a psychologist and a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Pharmacological and Biomolecular Sciences at the University of Milan. She is passionate about the perinatal period and the first years of life and she is particularly interested in the parent-infant relationship and in the infant development and in what can be done to promote better outcomes for both parents and babies.

She has worked on different research projects on maternal mental illness and infant development during the perinatal period and the first years of life. She has gained experience in perinatal psychiatry and infant development working for many years at King’s College London, where she obtained a PhD, and with different institutions aimed at promoting the woman, the child and the family’s wellbeing. She has conducted infant observations and groups to support parents and the relationship with their infants. She is the creator of the Perinatal Journey column, within the digital magazine Inspire The Mind. The column aims at providing useful evidence-based information about the perinatal period and the child’s first years of life for parents and parents-to-be and anyone else interested in this period.

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