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Aniko Korosi was a postdoc at UCI in the lab of dr. Baram (2006-2010) where
she studied how enriched early life experience rewires the hypothalamus. At the
end of 2010 she started her team and she is currently an Associate Professor at
the University of Amsterdam. Her research is funded by several national and
international programs (e.g. NWO Food Cognition and Behavior, NWO
Meervoud, JPI- Nutri-Cog and Alzheimer Nederland, Horizon 2020, JPND). Her
team includes several PhD students and postdocs and her research focuses on
the programming of cognitive functions by early-life stress and aging and on the
role of metabolic signals, nutrients and epigenetic mechanisms in relation to
Alzheimer’s disease and depression. Her work encompasses pre-clinical work
using an established mouse model of chronic early-life stress and clinical work
and she is interested in developing peripheral (e.g. nutritional) intervention to
prevent and/or reverse the lasting consequences of early-life stress as well as
human studies investigating the effects of stress on breastmilk composition. She
is current treasurer of EBBS, chair of EBBS 2023, Treasurer elect of FENS and
in the Executive committee of ISNPR.

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