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Jari Lahti, PhD and title of docent is a Professor of clinical mental health psychology at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki, Finland. He is a trainer-degree level cognitive psychotherapist. He leads the national specialization training for clinical psychology and chairs the management board for psychotherapy trainings at the University of Helsinki.

 Professor Lahti studied psychology at the University of Helsinki and has been a research fellow at the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Brisbane, Australia. He has also been a post-doctoral researcher at the Academy of Finland and a Collegium researcher at the Helsinki University Collegium of Advanced Studies and Turku Institute for Advanced Studies.

 He has published 260 scientific articles in professional journals, and he has written chapters in three scientific books.

He leads a research group focusing on interplay of environmental and omics -factors on mental health and cognitive abilities. Currently, Jari Lahti’s group is especially interested in effects of prenatal and early life adversities, such as exposure to environmental chemicals and maternal stress/mental health on offspring health, and whether these effects are mediated by epigenetic or moderated by genomic variation. His group is also interested in using multiomics -markers to predict health and cognitive abilities and currently focuses on improving early detection of dementia.      

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