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Chiara Boscardin is a Research Associate in the Laboratory of Neuroepigenetics at the Brain Research Institute (HiFo) of the University and ETH Zürich. She became a member of the lab after completing her university studies in Italy, starting with a BSc in Molecular Biology at the University of Padua, followed by an MSc in Neuroscience at the University of Trieste. In her current position, Chiara investigates the long-lasting effects of early-life trauma and its impact on the behavioral and metabolic health of mice and their offspring. As part of the HappyMums project, Chiara's role centers on testing the effects of depressive-like conditions during gestation in mice. Her work involves examining the influence of maternal depression or stressful experiences during pregnancy in rodents. Additionally, she characterizes the behavior of offspring born to dams exposed to such conditions. The research conducted by Chiara and the other teams of the consortium contributes valuable insights into the intricate dynamics between early-life experiences, maternal health, and the subsequent outcomes in generations to come.

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